Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer Update!

Here we are mid July & plans for 2014 have already changed. Rather than Ironman Sweden 2014, with the advent of Ironman Boulder new to the family of Ironman for 2014, I will choose that instead as it will be a lot cheaper to ride my bike to the start than hop on a plan half way across the world. Although, it won't be as fun or exciting!  Anyhow, new age group in 2014 so time to mix things up with some different athletes.

So far it has been in interesting 2013 with everyone I coach just "KILLING IT" be they on a bike or triathlon, or running. I'm carrying quite a few athletes (pretty much maxed out), so keeping it all in balance has been a challenge. In light of this, I've managed to qualify for TEAM USA Duathlon World Championships in Ottawa, Canada in August. Not a seems I've proven I can race another sport quite well aside from triathlon and pure running. One thing I've found out is that my transitions (save for a once-in-a-while "lemon" race), my non-Ironman distances--are pretty much among the fastest if not the fastest. Who would have thought that by thinking & planning ahead just a little bit while changing gear would actually give a HUGE advantage (not just talking a few steps here). I'll continue to focus on fast transitions as I seek to move up in the results as I get older. Someone contrary to what should happen as I age. The goal here is to stave off the aging process as long as possible so I don't feel like an AARP person before it is really time!

Boulder Peak Triathlon is in the morning & after a couple weeks of walleye fishing in Ontario & being off my bike & out of the pool...this should be the last non-trained for race of the season. Time to buck-up & get out the door with some consistency as it certainly hasn't been that way the past few months. That is what happens in a non-Ironman year for me anyhow...lots of slacking. Despite that, things seem to be going fairly well, although all races have been quite short. The real test will be if I survive Ironman Boulder 70.3 while attempting something totally crazy by racing ITU World Duathlon Championships only 6 days later.
It may come down to backing off on the effort for the 70.3 & use it as a training day then race Worlds with less fatigue issues. HOWEVER...if I am in the mix for the 70.3 I may just finally accept my slot to Las Vegas World's in September. Decisions'll be a spur of the moment decision for sure on race day in a few weeks. Don't ask because I don't know myself yet!