Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Flight of Time

Criminees & Jimney Crickets!  It has been since April 13th since my last post & not sure where the time has flown. So much going on with Memorial Day weekend/Boulder Creek Festival & oh, my 42nd birthday on Friday! Yeah, made it this far in life & am still breathing, that's an accomplishment in itself when you look at all the folks that pass on too early in their lives. Some go by the wayside & take themselves out from accidents, or stupidity, or it "just happens". I'll call myself one of the lucky ones & be thankful for it.

Some home projects have been put on hold so that others could be started. The yard project will have to wait so that I can start inside projects. Not sure where all the time will come from to do it all, but it will be a learning experience doing a remodel of a bathroom. Plus, it just sounds fun. Playing with thinset is like playing in the mud in the rain. Combine that with a contractor grade wet-saw power tool "Ohhr Arrr Arrr" like Tim the Tool Man would say, it makes for a daunting yet exciting challenge!

Bolder Boulder is only a few days away & I often wonder why the heck I have only run it ONE time in the 15 years I have been here. I guess it is too short. 10KM just doesn't seem "right" to bother getting a pair of shorts dirty for, or shirt or the socks. Nor does it warrant waking up so dang early. It is fun to watch--but even that seems far too early to do. The races I seem to do well at include an 80 mile warm up before I "get going" and rolling. Anything shorter just isn't my bag of tea. I seem to look at all the runners & say, "Thank gosh I'm sitting here on the curb not in pain!" More power to them but it sure is a fun time watching everyone.

It FINALLY stopped raining a few days ago before it started again. Yes, I mananged TWO bike rides in the last two weeks because my bike isn't equipped to be a dual-purpose raft. The tires do not float. Hopefully this weekend will lend some dry days to sort of allow a ride of adequate distance (whatever that may be on that day). I'll try to remember to take some before/after pictures of the bathroom remodel (which is still over a month away from starting). Until next time (at the rate I've been posting that will be 2012!) safe!