Friday, November 30, 2012

Here we are 2013!

Tomorrow is December 1st so I'll sneak in a quick blog here. Boulder right now is set for a high of 61-63 F today. The large storms looming to the west we may in fact be under a white blanket this time next week--one can only hope, the moisture is needed. With the shortest daylight hours of the year only three weeks away, it is time to give thanks for all the blessings we've had in 2012.

1) Yeah, the world didn't end, it likely won't in December either...I predict that is a myth.
2) For our families & friends who support us throughout our crazy sporting year, making those sacrifices so we can play in our own way.
3) Our health...without it, we wouldn't be able to enjoy those we love, or those things we love to do.

On the sporting side of things, once again, everyone I have worked with this season has done something special. From a first time Ironman Robert (who qualified for Kona on his first try), Ethan--a cyclist who will be "cat-ing" up in 2013 & never finished worse than 5th overall...winning his last race, Max--who set a half marathon PR, Jennifer...who ended the season with a 38 minute PR & 6th in her AG at Ironman Arizona. Those are a few highlights so if I've missed anything else please check my "Latest Updates" at for additional accomplishments throughout the season. It's been a super ride. I'd also like to thank all of our sponsors on the home page of the Gemini website just listed. Especially to Blue Seventy's Mike Orton--who always seems to come through for us when we need a rush or last minute order, you guys are the best!

It didn't take long to pick up things after a rest from Kona, gradually ramping up time and purposefully setting up many races from now until spring, just to force the fitness consistency. God knows I hate getting my butt kicked in a race but it happens so often the least I can do it put up a decent fight by keeping the fat off when most are putting it on. The course will change for 2013 in that as previous blogs mentioned I'll be doing strictly short course (meant anything shorter than a full Ironman distance). There will be non-WTC races, USAT races & of course WTC races like the ones here in Boulder. It'll be fun & won't require the long training hours of full distance racing. At my age, I've decided to do the "every-other-year Ironman" thing. Recovering some speed is needed between those years, as well as the family time is so valuable, that doing fulls each year just don't appeal to me at this time.

On the coaching side, I've actually already had to turn down several athletes for a 2013 roster already...a couple from Europe (due to keeping a few spots open for later returning athletes I've coached before.) Not sure how they heard about me, but it is always surprising when someone comes along who I never knew before or even without reference. You don't have to have an army of athletes or army of coaches or be spread all over the internet with advertising in every online mag out there, to be a successful coach. What you do need though, is to care about the athlete & their goals in a friendly, approachable relationship. To you athletes out there, there are always "spots" available throughout the year as some end their season early or some decide last minute to step back from the sport for one reason or another. Inquire about availability by dropping me an email at   See you at the races! Happy Holidays..