Friday, February 7, 2014

On to 2014...

It seems Blogger has made it less user friendly to post a new post so actually accessing Blogger took a little research--Google has infiltrated the process and made it a PITA giving me grief whenever trying to log in to post.

On to 2014...I've ended the year of 2013 on a decent note with a 4th at ITU World Duathlon Championships as the top American Master in the Olympic Distance race in Ottawa, Canada. I've actually been lucky enough to place 16th overall out of all age groups, just missing a bronze medal by one place. Any other age group but ONE other--I'd have podium placed with a World Championship, on the first try. Good stuff for a 44.5 year old.

Due to some rather ridiculous/illogical schedule changes in my work hours at my "day job" I've found myself short training time in the afternoon, so 2014 will greatly limit my training. Having to adjust to an early schedule isn't my cup of tea and will prove to be a personal challenge.
That said, I've been swimming & biking mostly, working on that which doesn't take much time, resorting to more quality training than ever--which is all I've ever really trained like.

2014 starts off with racing at the US National Cross Country Championships in Boulder, CO. My first ever...and first race of its kind since racing Division II XC back in college days. Luckily I was recruited by the Boulder Running Company/adidas Master's team. This should be exciting, painful and exhilarating all at the same time. As my first race of the year, I think back to XC the "studs" would race in our nation's championship far above it was from high school & college racing. The guys who race in the Olympics in Track & Field will be here...the big names of tomorrow and years past. I'll be in the 8k Master's race, so not quite toeing the line with the 12k current day pros...but there will be the "old farts" pros from yester-year on the same line.

Swimming has been a lot of fun & I've been posting some pretty good times for me. Finding my stroke flaws & paying attention so so many details that make such a huge difference. Since this is an Ironman year for me again, the focus will be on that big race at Ironman Boulder in August. New age group, local race--only 3 miles from home...can't beat the price for an Ironman! I'm super stoked & just hope the body holds up and is ready for race day. All races until then are merely training days. While I'd like to race at Du Nationals in July, it seems that is the same day as Boulder I'm already signed up for the Boulder Peak & tri series...looks like it's all eyes on August!

There will be some equipment changes...minor ones like a new saddle & possibly a Garmin. Aside from that, the plan for a new Zipp 808 rear doesn't seem likely. I do not see a huge $ per watt improvement in the wings...and think it'd be better just banking that away for retirement at this point. Or getting the house painted...logical stuff that we triathletes usually pass over for equipment. 

This past winter I've decided to pass on the Chilly Cheeks Duathlon series & may hop in the last one last minute but I'm not sure as I've not been riding the bike. The motivation to bike hasn't been there & swimming/running has been a little more convenient and fun for me lately. I'm like that...a "mood training athlete" who when I have time, train in whatever it is I have time for. Oh memories of the days of few other commitments!  Looking forward to an exciting 2014!