Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Be BETTER than you were in 2017!

So...it has been a few years since my last blog post, with some injury issues, but no lack of social media posts on FB, Twtter or Instagram. I've been around but just quiet on this front. A lot has changed and busy isn't the word I'd use to describe the chaos of the past few years.

2017 wasn't such a great year, losing 2 uncles and a cousin. The hard part was in not being able to go back for the funerals, as traveling across country and getting childcare, time off from work and travel tickets all were impossibly tight to coordinate on such thin time margins. The same happened with an uncle a few years ago. I feel horrible in that to my cousins--I really wanted to be there. We were all close, so it wasn't something I wanted to miss. I am honoring my Uncle Tony today in fact, by wearing a down vest he owned. I think about him each time I put it on. He was a hunter, so he had lots of warm clothes!

On the athletic side of things, it was bust. I only started 3 races. Bolder Boulder, where I had to put forth a 3/4 effort as any faster would damage my already damned injury worse. It was a tempo run but unfortunately, not a RACE effort. I started but struggled training for Ironman Boulder. With only 13.1 miles left I was in 4th overall in the amateur race and winning my age group, on what was the most minimal effort and best feeling in an Ironman I've ever had. The PAIN from the injury was what took me out, I realized I could permanently damage myself so I pulled out, even though aerobically it felt easy.

I ended up getting MRI results only the day before the race. A day too late in order to get any refund for the race (I had the full race insurance). Either way, I decided to go until I felt either damage would be too much to continue or make me unable to sustain a steady effort. After that, I went to a real medical doctor and it turned out I had been doing all the wrong rehab since day one. He told me to stop all of it, and I got a PRP treatment, where I since then, have been on the steady road back. I'm not there yet, but have lost 11 lbs and completed a duathlon locally, and ended up 2nd with only a professional finishing ahead of me (he is about 18 years younger than I am too boot!)  Things are on the road to hopefully a better 2018, as it couldn't get much more minimal in the race department. 

Also, professionally from work standpoint, I have announced publically, that I am a licensed Real Estate Agent in the state of Colorado. I have been working in this arena behind the scenes with my owner-broker for about a year now, been to closings, showing/finding homes and moving things towards that next step in client's lives. My next step was to actually start letting people know I was now doing this professionally. It is a hard business to get into, expensive as well--but I know I have the tools to be a success. 2018 is about making everything I do BETTER than I did it in 2017. That includes tightening up things with a new website as well...something that I've been wanting to do for quite a few years now. It turns out we spin our wheels thinking about doing stuff more than we do those things themselves.

Here's to 2018, jumping in both feet first...let's DO THIS ! !