Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On Wings of Angels...

Ever have one of those days where some odd thought drops into your head like it was delivered there on the wings of some angel? The thoughts are all happy & smiley like the only thing you could think about is nothing but good thoughts? Here's the I had just finished a 4,000 yard swim (okay, a rare day of solid training--so maybe the endorphines contributed to the warm cozy thoughts...) I then followed it up with nearly an hour aqua jog. There was an elderly water aerobics exercise class in the other half of the pool where some lane lines were taken down. I was watching these now smiling elderly get out of the pool, some barely could make it up the ladder. Some were carrying a good 100+ lbs extra and having a heckuva time walking. There were still smiling, seemingly happy at getting some exercise.

Suddenly, I couldn't help but wonder what walks of life these folks came from, or what amazing things they had done in there many years of living. How many great things good deeds throughout the years that had added up and affected so many people in positive ways. Here they were in the twilight of their time here on earth, seeking out that "feeling" of being alive through exercise. Some could have been teachers or postal workers, health care industry employees, electricians or even maids. It didn't matter what their past was in this moment, only that they were--and ARE. They are here, enjoying whatever it was they had done, enough to make it through all those years. Life must have been somewhat happy for them if they were walking on the pool deck smiling with such grins. Yes, they were really cute, "older" people. How interesting the stories must be just sitting down and listening to them. The history and monumental achievements they have passed on to this world and those interacting with them.

At a time I should have been concentrating on technique, form, breathing patterns during a workout, these wonderful people came into my view and I wondered about them. I wondered about how great these people are to someone out there. I will never know them, or their stories, but there is one story I will say I was told today by each and every one of them. The look on their faces smiling, laughing, joking...delivered a smile to my face and made me feel lucky just to be alive. Somehow I became happy the rest of the afternoon because there were so many angels delivering smiles on their wings today.

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