Monday, November 23, 2015

2015: It's a wrap!

End of season. Abbreviated but successful and no WTC events for the first time in a while. Previous posts show an injury received in St. Paul in June, followed by having to not start Boulder 70.3. Age group wise, it was more than I expected, having not lost the Age Group M45-49 in any race all season long except where the injury occurred, for multisport racing. In total, 2015 garnered THREE National Championship titles in three DIFFERENT sports.

National Titles:
1st USTAF Men's Master's Team (BRC/Team Adidas)
1st USAT Long Course Triathlon M45-49
1st USAT Long Course Duathlon M45-49

Additional 2015 races:
1st Bolder Boulder 10km AG win
1st Boulder Sunset Triathlon AG win
1st Boulder Peak Triathlon AG win (and King of the Mtns. jersey-Master Men)
3rd USAT Standard Duathlon M45-49

Not a lot of racing, but a darn near perfect record despite sitting out the core of the summer race season. There may be some more racing this year, but with only weeks away until 2016 and a whole new scary world out there with some major life changes (to be revealed at a future date), the upcoming season includes some super duper long races such as Ironman Boulder, ITU World Long Course Triathlon Championships going as the US Champ to defend our soil & whatever else I can drum up. The random running race, or duathlon, but no Kona next year (nope, not taking a slot if I get it at Boulder), no Du Nationals long or short. It'll be home-bound more regional or local races. UNLESS something major changes, that is the plan. Do plans ever go exactly according to how they are laid out? Rarely!

Below is a picture from US Long Course Duathlon Championships. On the left, Tom Woods, then 2008 US Olympic & pro triathlete Matty "Boom Boom" Reed, KK (that's me!) and Dan Chapman ('15 Du Standard distance champ M45-49). I've gotten the opportunity to know Tom & Dan a bit better this season. Actually, I didn't really know them at all! But I've raced Tom a few times I guess looking back at results, but don't focus too much on the others, just going my own rate & seeing who is left standing at the end of the day. Good people, good to see some familiar faces at races, and chat online with a few of them. Fast boys, I'm going to have to continue to find a way to stave off Father Time as long as I can and reverse the aging process with consistency and better focus for 2016 and beyond. Gotta love this racing stuff--just a thrill, win lose, whatever. It's all good.

L to R
Tom Woods IV, Matt Reed, KK, Dan Chapman

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